Our essence

Sustainability in our company is always represented as a way of understanding life. Culturally we were born respecting the environment and its resources, going beyond any regulations, being this in our company a social responsibility.

“The Dream Company” is our premise of a sustainable world for all. We must be aware of our way of living, consuming and doing business. That’s why we call it an awesome survival strategy.

We have decided to work in accordance with the UNO global goals for sustainable development. These create a balance between the three dimensions of sustainable development: the social, economic and environmental systems. In other words, we work for gender equality, good health, sustainable energy, ecosystems and biodiversity, as well as sustainable consumption and production.


The translation is *White Swan which is the Scandinavian seal of quality and sustainability. The eco-label that certifies that everything produced under it meets all the sustainability requirements of raw materials (such as metal, wood, plastic, etc.), establishing the use of chemicals that are not aggressive to the environment and health both in the production of our articles and in the spills and waste of production.
Your well-being is the impulse that makes us want to learn more every day.

We want to accompany you on this exciting journey that is life, offering you a 25-year guarantee on our products, and thus contribute to your rest and, therefore, to a better quality of life.

The foundations of Hämta Kraft by Scapa were laid in the green forests of Småland in 1959.
Making since then this way of working, a combination of creativity and sustainability, respecting the environment without giving up our artisan tradition.