Hello! We are Hämta Kraft by Scapa and we manufacture handmade Swedish beds from natural materials.

Who is HÄMTA Kraft By Scapa?

The idillical region of Småland, placed in the deep forests of the southwest of Sweden it is known by their craftmanship and comercial tradition. That is the origin of Hämta Kraft by Scapa which makes beds with the precision and the genuine labour of a master craftsman since 1959. The developement of the products strives in the knowledge of the materials, and great comfort. Production and comfort refined over years. The beds are made in the city of Alvesta, Sweden.

We make beds, mattresses, headboards and accesories knowing the importance of a good rest. You can see a great film or enjoy an exciting book in our beds with plenty of comfort. But, above all they are furnitures to love, to sleep and have pleasent dreams.

MAJEZTY is our most exclusive serie with an incomparable resting.

IMAGINE is the synonym of high quality with their nitid forms and pleasing comfort.

GRAN LUX has excellent quality-price relation without renouncing comfort and quality. In each serie appears the models Klassisk, Continental and Adjustable.

A Vision. A mision.

While technical advances could enable production that reaches a greater number of people, the knowledge refined for generations and craftsmanship, allows our teams to reach a level of care and quality that we could  not replicate with technology.

Our beds have been developed following the experience accumulated over generations; teachers who have learned to work and leverage the resources of Swedish forests.

The climate of this region has shaped the Swedish character that has been able to use the resources efficiently to enjoy a pleasant and cozy indoor life. For this reason, they really know the importance of rest

Since 2016, Runesco Distribución S.L. begun distributing these beds, making known in depth the Swedish concept of rest in southern Europe.

The Dream

Sleep is a necessary process in our lives, we spend at least a third of our life in bed and we cannot neglect this part of our routine. For this reason, we wanted to elevate comfort by giving it the importance it really has; creating strong rest teams that have a privileged role in the home. In our teams, you can watch a movie or enjoy an exciting book always without giving up the greatest comfort; above all it is furniture to love, sleep and have pleasant dreams. Something indispensable if at the end of the day, we want to enjoy a restful rest. Our equipment is customizable to suit your relaxation concept, for example, choosing the firmness of the bed individually or choosing from a lot of finishes to be according to the decoration that our bedroom has.

Do you sleep well?