Thinking about the different trends of decoration we have created several designs and finishes to cater all tastes and be able to choose the one that best fits our bedroom. For this reason, we have available two different fabric finishes in addition to several colors. This will be necessary to be able to choose the equipment. On one hand, there is the ,Elin Fabric ,which is a woven and luxurious fabric and on the other, the Sara Fabric, with the softness and attractiveness of the velvet.


An exclusive quality fabric. To manteinance it is recommendable to use a textile cleaning foam and a brush. In the Martindale test obtains a result of 30.000 cicles which measures resistence.

Piling: result of 4 out of 5.

Solar light resistence: result of 5 out of 5.

It it possible to acquire the fabric by square meters. Width 140 cm.


An exclusive fabric that adds one more point of elegance to your resting equipment while being very pleasant to the touch.

This fabric is sold by meters. Width 140 cm.

Please note that the choice of this fabric comes at an extra cost.

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